William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Сон в летнюю ночь

Everything is a game here — theatrical game, a game of love, sometimes naive, and sometimes complicated. Sometimes, this game is rather sharp, even dangerous — better watch it from the sidelines, without interfering. Sometimes, the game is simple like a child’s play — and you join in, willingly or not. But all the games that this production plays with the audience are very reckless. In the chaos of the game, the line between reality and dreams fades. The lovers mix each other up, and end up in a lively tangle, which breathes jealosy, youth, fear, and love.

«A Midsummer Night’s Dream» is definitely an outstanding and, possibly, a milestone performance that will impart the Workshop in particular and the theater system as a whole with hope for the hidden resource of theatrics.
– Pavel Rudnev, Teatrall.Ru

Did you really think that Fomenko Workshop is something from the past? Take heart, because it’s a part of the very present! These are the sought-for “contemporary actors in contemporary theater,” for which the critics have been searching in vain. Here he is, a well-trained acrobat with a happy body and stage director’s mind, with a good voice and a skill to read the verses in such a way that the audience hears every word and every comma. The sense of humour, inherent in each of the actor’s performance, is a nice bonus.
– Olga Yegoshina, Novye Izvestia

«A Midsummer Night’s Dream» at Fomenko Workshop is a shot of true spectator happiness, a vaccination from the blues.
– Svetlana Berdichevskaya, Screen and Stage




2 hours 50 minutes with one intermission

Act 1

104 min


18 min

Act 2

48 min




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