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Arena di Verona: Tosca

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Arena di Verona: Tosca

The Arena di Verona is one of the oldest operating theaters in the world, it's almost two thousand years old, but like wine, it becomes even more interesting over the years. In ancient times, games and gladiator battles, theatrical performances and animal fights were held here. In the Middle Ages there were knight tournaments, and since the beginning of the 20th century, the Arena has been hosting one of the most famous opera festivals in the world. In 2024, the festival began counting down its second century!

The Arena stage is huge and spectacular, and directors who know how and love to work with monumental spaces get the opportunity to do it at full capacity here: entire cities are built on the stage (Ancient China and Medieval Seville, Paris of the 19th century and Rome of the Napoleonic Wars), a huge choir need not to be hidden behind the scenes (“Tosca”), and if dancing is planned in the opera, then the audience is delighted by a large flamenco ensemble (“Carmen” or “Il Trovatore”). Horses, donkeys, carriages, ceremonial processions - the Arena di Verona is created for epic spectacles. It's notable that the closing ceremony of the 2026 Winter Olympics will take place here. The grand sports affair, like the theatre festival, will be completely extraordinary for sure. Because the ancient but eternally young Arena still welcomes guests warmly.


Arena di Verona: Carmen

A classic production by Franco Zeffirelli featuring stars of the world opera stage and Spanish flamenco dancers.

Arena di Verona: Il Trovatore

A spectacular production by Maestro Franco Zeffirelli. In the stellar cast conducted by Pier Giorgio Morandi: Salsi, Zajick, Fassi, Zizzo, and the eagerly awaited debut of Anna Netrebko at the Arena di Verona alongside the protagonist Yusif Eyvazov.

Arena di Verona: La Traviata

A magnificent and colorful production of Verdi's classical tragedy, combining a commitment to historical details in Franco Zeffirelli's style with the latest visual technologies.

Arena di Verona: Turandot

The legendary classical production by Franco Zeffirelli featuring two global stars, the brilliant Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov, presents Puccini's great opera with a truly cinematic grandeur.